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The Talon Family of Companies was founded on the principals of fairness, honesty, and integrity. 


Founder Andrew Rowland decided to start the company after working in various real estate and construction industries over the last 20 years and experiencing first hand the shady and unprofessional actions that many companies take.  Everything came down to how much money can be squeezed out of something.  

This was never more apparent than when Andrew's mother had the roof on her house replaced a few years ago.  The contractor talked a good talk, but when the work was complete it was obvious corners had been cut.  Thankfully, after some phone calls and pressure the contractor fixed the "mistakes", but had Andrew not been there to catch them and point them out, they would have led to a short-lived roof.  Andrew didn't want this for his mother, and doesn't want it for yours.  

Andrew decided it was time to be part of the solution.  The vision was a group of companies that people could rely on.  Starting with what he knew, Andrew founded Talon Maintenance and Renovations, focused on the small "handyman" tasks that come up around a home and also tackling some renovation and finishing projects.  Building on the reputation of honesty and fairness, Andrew began to utilize his real estate license to work with home buyers and sellers in the area, without just focusing on the potential commission.  And in early 2021, the Talon family will be adding Talon Carpet and Steam Cleaning.  

We hope that you give us the opportunity to show you what we are about.  Our customers are our greatest assets - without you we do not exist.  Please browse our family of companies and see what we are about and what we have to offer.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve YOU!

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